We have manufactured coil assy
that has been used for (Voice Coil Motor) type mobile camera actuator.

The product controls the movement of the lens module by coil and electromagnet.
It can be easily miniaturized and manufactured with affordable price.

Product Overivew

Coil module of a mobile camera actuator has been utilized for AF(Auto Focusing) and OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) functions.

AF function helps optimization of the lens to the optimum focal point to take the clearest picture, while OIS function revises shaking of hands so that the image sensor can take a clear image.

We expect the demand of camera will gradually increase as high efficient camera has been well-used for smartphone camera functions and AF and OIS coil module parts have been applied as a camera actuator module.

3. SMT

Based on wide experiences of SMT (Surface Mount Technology), we have implemented SMT on (F)PCB that has been utilized for various products.