Biolog Device is
The manufacturer and developer of biometrics solution, applied products, and coil assy applied to the mobile camera module.

Our Solutions


Fingerprint verification

Fingerprint verification technology is most popular biometrics solution. Biolog Device has developed its unique capacitance-type fingerprint recognition sensor and its algorithm.


Facelog is the cutting-edge facial recognition and access control device for ensuring multi-recognition system, various communication environment, and high-quality performance. This device shows fast recognition, simple design, and diversified user-friendly interfaces.

Camera module

The product controls the movement of the lens module by coil and electromagnet. It can be easily miniaturized and manufactured with affordable price.

About Us

Biolog Device's international corporations located in China, Vietnam, and Philippines have manufactured coil assy products utilized as a smartphone camera actuator's parts. Based on long experiences and innovation of the manufacturing process, we have increased our competitiveness in comparison to our competitors.

Biolog Device also has tried to use our existing businesses as a steppingstone to carry forward biometrics solution and applied products development project to jump up to the new level. By continuous research and development, we have succeeded to develop various types of fingerprint recognition sensors and algorithm as well as internalization of facial recognition solutions.


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