03. Taking over the management rights and stocks of Kolen Co., Ltd.
04. Selected as 'Global Small Hidden Champion' (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
08. Fingerprint recognition algorithm, certified by KISA
10. Certified as 'Promising SME'


04. Selected as ATC(Advanced Technology Center)
08. Taking over the shares of OEZ Soft Co., Ltd. and incorporated as a subsidiary
08. Re-certified as 'Venture Business' (Technical Evaluation-Guaranteed Business)
09. Certified as 'Inno-Biz(Technological-Innovative Business)
10. SUB1 Assay's mass manufacturing started in the 3rd factory in Vietnam


01. Taking over the shares(100%) of SHIMEI OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY INC.(Philippines) and incorporated as a subsidiary
11. Shenzhen branch established (China)


02. Mass manufacturing and supply of Actuator Parts(for Galaxy S6) began
04. Moved to Hwaseong-Dongtan Industrial Complex and R&D center established
04. Head office in Dongtan-si established SMT line
11. Amalgamation with 3rd Gyobo Special Purpose Acquisition Company
12. Listed on KOSDAQ by amalgamation and new stocks issuance


02. Mass manufacturing and supply of Actuator Parts(for Galaxy S5) began
04. Certified as 'Venture Business' and registered in the association
04. International corporation (BLD VINA) established in Vietnam
05. Micro Laser Soldering technology development


01. Awarded as 'Excellent Supplier' by a Korean major company
02. Mass manufacturing and supply of Actuator Parts(for Galaxy S4) began
03. Tianjin Boridal Electronics LLC, incorporated as a subsidiary


07. BLD Co., Ltd. established (Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do)
09. Mainboard SMT manufacturing started for a Korean major company(TSTC)


06. Business registration project of ISM Business Department(affiliated in a Korean major company) started
07. Acquired mass manufacturing approval of Motorola, SOny-Ericson, and Korean major companies


05. Additional six SMT lines established in Tianjin, 100,000K/month capacity secured
08. Tianjin corporation moved to 'West Industrial Development Zone XEDA'


06. Tianjin Boridal Electronics LLC established in China
07. 4 SMT lines' operation began in Tianjin Microelectronics Industrial Quarter